Dreaming: the Art of Staying Sane While Surrounded by Crap.

So, this morning, I had a dream about Greed, Inc in various formats.

Now, I have dreamed of that shit place in various mediums over the last few years. While employed, I dreamed of the place and its well-established horse manure quite often. This is how I contend with the stress that I invariably soak up while working somewhere. However, since the firing and since I stopped having to fight them for my unemployment, I rarely dream of the place now. It no longer has a place in my conscious mind, so instead, it lurks in my subconscious until it can leash out at me without any warning. Anyway. So.

The first portion of the dream was Greed, Inc as a high school. I know that it was definitely a high school, although it resembled a mix of the middle school I attended along with the corporate offices of Greed, Inc. To be perfectly honest, I don’t remember this part so clearly. I remember coming down some stairs while the Head of Marketing (possibly posing as an assistant principal) was directing traffic in the hall below me. She had longer hair and was standing outside the office of BHOP’s Boss. I remember being able to see into that office and watch her doing whatever it was she was doing. The dream shifted at that point, but first, some armchair psychology.

I looked up the word “high school” in the Dream Mood’s Dream Dictionary section. To dream about high school refers to the bonds and friendships that you made while you were in high school. What spiritual lessons have you learned? The dream may also be telling you that you need to start preparing for the real world. Now, on the face of it, I instantly just wanted to shake my head and be done with it. It didn’t seem like it really fit with what the dream was all about, although I couldn’t say for sure. As I mentioned, the aspects to do with Greed, Inc High were pretty damn unclear upon waking. I think there may be something to the whole “prepping for the real world” stuff since, you know, this dream does come on the heels of my trying to make a decision about going back to work. It could also refer, in some instance, to the friends that I made while working there, some of whom I am still in contact with.

I mean, just the other day, I was replaying my perfect team in my head. (I did this as an ass-manager because I was one step away from full manager and had part of my team at the store that I worked at. Then one was fired for horse shit, another quit because the first was fired, and the other ended up moving to maintenance. Interesting factoid for no one in particular: those three were all males. I would have trusted boys with my store.) And of that perfect team, I’m still in contact with a few of them. The people who couldn’t be a part of my perfect team for various other reasons, having moved on or been fired, are still friendly with me via FB. So, maybe the friendship thing has something to do with it, too, or I’m grasping at straws here because I don’t like the idea that I need to face reality and start getting back to reality.

Either-or, really.

So, for whatever reason, the dream ended up shifting. At this point, so far removed from the dreaming process and the actual dream world, I’ve begun to consider the idea that I had purposely shifted the dream. I don’t know what the end result of Greed, Inc High was supposed to be, but considering the end result of Part II of the dream, I’m going with “not good.” So, with that in mind, I’m thinking that I purposely changed the dream to better suit me. (Yes, I can do this. I think it stems from being a writer. If I don’t like how a dream is going, then I can rewind it and re-write it to better suit me. For example, if I’m having a horror movie, I’ll rewind and re-write it to something a little less dark and evil because, you know, who the fuck wants to dream that shit?) It was either that or my subconscious really just wanted to stab me with a pitchfork while I was down.

So, after this little bit, I remember walking down a city street in a downtown area. I know that the area in question was akin to the State and Main in my hometown. In fact, it was trying to be that area but there were subtle differences. The restaurants in that area were all missing and each of the buildings were faceless and without any decoration. They all made you think that you were surrounded by people who would spend all of their time looking down at you. Anyway, I was walking with someone to go to a meeting at Greed, Inc. I remember that I was wearing a skirt and heals and I had make up on. (If you know me, you’re trying to reconcile this picture with reality.) So, then I entered a gray-faced building and went up an elevator for this meeting.

Have you ever seen those fancy, ritzy lawyer’s offices where all of the offices have glass doors and windows? The carpets are about twenty inches thick and a deep mauve or maroon color? There are conference tables that gleam in the overhead lights? So, envision this… because that was what the offices of Greed, Inc looked like in dream land. It was actually way more ritzy than the company actually is, and so therefore, a very real possibility of what their future offices may end up looking like.

I walked into a conference room, which held BHOP and BHOP’s Boss. Now, at this point, I’m not sure if I was already fired in the dream or if they were getting ready to fire me. It’s hazy, so I don’t really remember much about the conference room. What I do remember is both of them showing me “video” of why I was being fired… This video (don’t laugh, don’t laugh, don’t laugh…) is actually video of myself and the gang of The Big Bang Theory running around the office, cleaning. So, we were actually doing our jobs, but we were laughing while doing it. At one point, one of the characters accidentally breaks one of the glass panes, but it ended up not being broken in the video. (???) So, in effect, they were firing me… and for bullshit… again.

I know I wanted to wake up then, but my mind had to turn this into the most asinine and ridiculous dream ever, which I’ll cover with a series of quick salient facts: 1. some guy who was the boss, but really isn’t, and looked similar to Obama pinched my tit and didn’t seem at all like he cared that I was filing sexual harassment charges; 2. same guy pinched my other tit, for whatever reason; 3. upset I railed at the friend I had walked to the building near/around/with; 4. I had to rescue a woman from the 22nd floor with a ladder that was only 21 stories long and I could only get her down with ropes; 5. also, a tornado was coming.

So, I have to admit that the whole being fired for doing my job in dream land sucked about as much as it did in reality.

I’d pop psychologize this bitch, but I don’t have the energy. You do it.