Breaking Away From Modern Feminism

There I was walking through the mall and I happened upon Ambercrombie store. The big poster thing at the door was all romantic and such, featuring a girl wearing a plaid shirt and some jeans being held in the arms of a faceless man, who thankfully is indeed wearing clothing:

I thought: “Hey look! They’ve changed their advertising! Good for them! Yet I walk just a little bit farther and find another Ambercrombie store sporting this picture:

Now is it just me, or does that look a little like she’s about to, I don’t know, ravish him or something? And not in a good way.

Come to find out, they have separate stores for the men’s clothing and the women’s clothing. Why? Space issues? Or maybe they just wanted to continue this stupid campaign of naked men but on a bigger scale. A cursory look inside showed more mostly naked…

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