Cast & Crew

I use nicknames for people. I’ve always been inordinately fond of nicknames. I always wanted to create nicknames for each friend of mine. I never got around to it. I guess you could call me lazy. So. Since I never actually got around to doing what I want with the whole nickname thing, I figured I could, at the very least, utilize all that here. And because I love to shorten things to make my life easier (because who cares about anyone else but me?)… I made the nicknames shorter.

Here’s a quick reference point.

TH – The Hubby
TS – The Son
BFTX – The Best Friend (who resides in Texas)
BFMA/Sis/The Sister – The Best Friend (who resides in MA)
HLB – Hubby’s Little Brother
HLB’s GF – Hubby’s Little Brother’s Girlfriend
TN – The Nephew
MIL – Mother-In-Law (refer to current)
FF – The Hubby’s step-father.
PP – The Hubby’s father, whom he works with.
MLB – My Little Brother
TM – my mum

Past People
MEH – My Ex-Husband
MEH’s BF – My Ex-Husband’s Best Friend
TEB – The Ex-Bitch (MEH’s ex girlfriend/the “one who got away”)
WMIL – Whiney Mother-In-Law
MEH’s SD – MEH’s step-father
ZIT – My Ex-Husband’s Little Brother (who suffers from ADHD and Asperger’s Syndrome)
RSIL – Religious Sister-In-Law
RBIL – Religious Brother-In-Law
TSO – The Shaggy One (high school boyfriend)
TSM – The Soul Mate (high school boyfriend/after high school boyfriend)
TAG – The Army Guy (high school boyfriend who gave promise ring)
SW – Slutty Whore (AKA, TH’s ex-girlfriend)
K – an ex-boyfriend that both BFTX and I dated

BHOP – Bitchy Head of Operations
BHOP’s Boss – Bitchy Head of Operation’s Boss
Greed, Inc – The Company that Sucks
BEE – Best Employee Ever
ONE 1 – Over Night Employee 1 (older woman)
ONE 2 – Over Night Employee 2 (younger woman)
ELD – Employee Le Dumbass
TPO – The Pregnant One
TBO – The Bitchy One
TBS – The Back Stabber
TYO – The Young One/The Child
SOE – Some Other Employee (no-call, no-show about two weeks into my having taken over store)
SSJ – Stiff-Shirt Jerk (owner of said company)

TC – The Cauldron, a forum I frequent

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