With statements like this, as mentioned within in the article in question, we have to wonder how it is that woman cannot consider the sexual revolution “our war.” The basis that the sexual revolution was either an invention or something propagated by the male of the species, to me, seems ridiculous. Just on the basis of the ins and outs of sex, it wasn’t the male who was repressed prior to the Sexy 60s. It was the female, with her long skirts and the expectations of getting married, being respectable, and raising a family.

I have to say that while the statement could go either way, I find it false. Women gained more out of the Sexual Revolution than men ever did. We were able to have sex without fear. We were able to gain better access to birth control. And we had the landmark case of Roe V. Wade, which would have never happened at the Sexual Revolution not come around. And none of those items, as far as I can tell, have anything to do with men. (Aside from the sex stuff but you know, our orgasms are more important than their orgasms now and we have to assume that this attitude may, indeed, have come about because of the revolution in question.)

In other words, read this article and follow this blog. Modern Feminism isn’t what it claims to be and we shouldn’t all be so blind as to assume that raging Feminists are the wave of the Feminist Future.

Breaking Away From Modern Feminism

I was watching the History Channel special called Sex In ’69: Sexual Revolution In America (Thankfully, no one suggested that aliens had anything to do with it).

Because I am me, and I tend to be very open with my sexuality (in comparison to a lot of people in our society) I found this exceptionally interesting. I wanted to know exactly what it was that turned things from Victorian-like repression to being able to be so open about sexuality.

Kudo’s to the History Channel for doing it tastefully, yet still informative.

A lot of famous people were interviewed for this special, including some feminist icons like Gloria Steinem. She said something that has stuck in my head and confuses the hell out of me. If someone said I could ask her one question, it would be to clarify this statement: “The Sexual Revolution wasn’t our war”. She went on to…

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  1. idk, I think a case could be made that men were also repressed before the sexual revolution, maybe even to the same extent as women, just in a different way. Certainly, I do think that women have certainly gotten their freedoms radically increased since the SR, but I wonder if the same can truly be said for men…

    After all, a woman can be full frontal nude in a movie and it only gets rated R. A man does that, and its an instant X rating. Female sexuality is more and more embraced by society, but often enough the “sexuality” of men is repressed or vilified to a heightened level.

    This is something, for both sexes, that I think needs to be explored in more detail with an honest eye. Though when that will happen, I have no clue, lol.

    • I’m going to leave this for the OP to respond to because I’m not quite sure how to comment. Besides, she’s way better at the research for that time frame than I am. I tend to get frustrated if I don’t find out EXACTLY WHAT I WANT TO KNOW when I want to know it and walk away. 😀

  2. Okay, Here I go attempting to answer a very interesting and multifaceted question.

    Yes, men were repressed back in the day. However, they did have the luxury of “having affairs so long as they were discreet” type thing going on. Sex as a whole was a social taboo, kind of like a modern day “Don’t ask don’t tell”. And if you happened to get a girl pregnant, you had to marry her. No if, ands, or buts about it. The sexual revolution also brought about the easier availability for condoms. People used to have to send away for them, after the SR you could buy them in most corner drug stores (Judgmental stares aside that is).

    I agree with you on the whole nudity in movies thing. However, I would like to point out that that mentality is mostly regulated to America as far as I can tell (if I am wrong, please correct me! I hate going around with wrong information!). I think that is completely idiotic, and it also gives more fuel to add to my fire that the Sexual Revolution WAS a woman’s war. If it was strictly for men, they would be able to be all naked everywhere. But you know that the My Generation Feminists are still going to be angry about women being nude in the media.

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