There Is Beauty All Around When There’s Love At Home.

A while back, I was pretty upset with TH. I can’t recall a proper timeline, but it was shortly after the new year started. It began with his strong belief that I had forgotten when his great-uncle’s funeral was. As someone who is obsessed with keeping times straight, this was a faulty observance on his behalf. I don’t forget big things like that. I’m very aware of what needs to be done and plan things accordingly. He just neglected to tell me. As someone who tends to drop things on me as an “oh, by the way…” it’s far more probable that he just forgot to say. There was a lot going on that week with various things, so, it’s possible he forgot. What pissed me off was his staunch belief that I had just forgotten. I was furious.

The fury wasn’t directed at him, per se. It was more along the lines of the situation. It was aggravating that I wouldn’t be there for him or the family. It was irritating that I wouldn’t be there to pray to the gods in asking that the deceased’s soul be allowed through the Duat* without knowing the proper prayers and incantations. It was also annoying because it meant I was stuck at home with my stubborn mule of a child. It was just so irritating for all these reasons. And, of course, because TH was still (and probably still is) under the impression that I was some big fucking dunce who had forgotten a big event.

(* Duat is the name of the Underworld in my belief system.)

This argument was dissolved in the usual manner: we stopped talking about it because it only led to our snarking and sniping at each other. This isn’t the best way to settle disputes, of course. I’m sure there are a lot of therapists out there who would just about grind their teeth and close their eyes in horror at hearing this. However, it’s easier this way. Considering the fact that TH and I don’t really have these types of problems most of the time and considering the fact that we’re both fairly mellow with one another, it seems like the best option. As it is, we’re both incredibly stubborn (which explains why TS is one-trillion times more stubborn than the two of us) and I doubt that discussing the problem—even in if rational was possible—would end up with us figuring out the overall problem anyway. It leaves a lot of things ‘unresolved’ I suppose. And again, I suppose that this isn’t healthy. However, how else are two extremely stubborn assholes like us supposed to fix it otherwise?

I’m getting off topic.

Shortly thereafter, I received a bunch of notices in the mail from various bill collectors. And by “shortly thereafter,” I mean the day of the funeral is when they came in. TH was still hanging out with his family when I grabbed the mail. I was totally irate when I saw that he hadn’t paid a single bill in the Photobucket month of December. That was supposed to be the one month* that we were expecting me to be unable to pay the bills. As it was, I had to hock some old jewelry to try to pay my car insurance for that month. I mean, I honestly tried to get down with things and pay for stuff. I put my Tarot services on sale, über cheap, just to try to get enough money together to purchase cleaning supplies for the house. (I’m still eternally grateful for everyone who donated to me that month. I don’t think there is ever a way for me to properly repay any of those lovely people.) So, to learn that TH had frittered away his money meant that I just about wanted to go postal on his ass.

(* We were both assuming that the unemployment appeal would be found in my favor and that I would be given a huge stock pile o’ money any day. Those were both true events, but at the time, it was pretty touch and go. I had already begun to worry by mid-December that I would have to go out and prostitute myself, or something, to get money back into the house.)

During these two separate anger-filled times, I was discussing all of these issues with Online Friend (OF) that I’ve been talking about in recent posts. She was incredibly sympathetic to my plight, as well as BFMA. They both agreed that I deserved better. And while that’s always a very nice thing to say (not) when a person is having difficult trials with their significant other, the sentiment behind it was much appreciated by me. What wasn’t so much appreciated was the fact that they both informed me that I should break up with TH, immediately, and get on with my life.

Now, the argument that I most understood in this was from BFMA. She’s been watching my relationship with TH for as long as it’s existed. She was there when we first met. Hell, it was because of her that I met TH to begin with, so it’s incredibly possible to say that if it wasn’t for her, then there wouldn’t be a relationship to be angry about. Since she’s been around the longest, she’s watched as I’ve gone back and forth on my relationship with TH. I’ve had a lot of bad moments (and I’m pretty sure that so has TH) where things seem too overwhelming for me. In most situations, this is usually in regards to money or in regards to TH’s at-home demeanor. To me, he tends to think of me as a house elf that will make sure Photobucket everything is done. When he was out of work for nearly half the year last year, it really burned my biscuits when I would come home from a twelve-hour (or more) day and be expected to cook and clean. I had a house-husband, so why the fuck should I bother? In reality, most (if not all) of our arguments are almost solely based on either money or cleaning. And that’s pretty much it.

So, it was BFMA who reminded me that we had been having issues like these before. She reminded me that I had talked with him quite a few times about how he had to change his outlook in either the area of cleaning (if that was the problem of the moment) or in the arena of money (if that was the problem of the moment). “He changes just enough so that you think he’s making progress and then, he reverts right back within a month or three.” And I thought back to this and thought, You know, she’s right! He does do that, doesn’t he? It was pointed out to me that I never let him grow up and take responsibility for anything. I was the one who had put the bills in my name and made sure they got paid, only telling TH when to give me money and how much. I was the one who would make lists of “do dishes, do laundry, etc.” to make sure that shit got done when I was too busy to do so. I felt that BFMA had a very valid point: I had never let TH grow up.

The bandwagon had been started. OF was entirely on board with what BFMA was saying. There were numerous conversations between the three of us, via G-chat, that ended up with us all discussing about how much my relationship was teh-suck and needed to be ended, forthwith. I wasn’t too thrilled with this prospect for various reasons.

There’s the fact that TH and I have been together for a long time. It felt that I would be doing him a complete disservice to not give him a chance to change, or to give him and I other options to make manifest the sweeping changes that we were supposed to desire and need. There’s the fact that even though TH is an incredibly lazy and selfish brat a lot of the time, he is a very good father. I don’t approve of all of his methods, but he and TS are very close. (Obviously, he can never take the place of Mommy since I am just about the most awesome thing that TS has ever come into contact with, but… Hee, hee.) They bond and play in ways that I just couldn’t possibly do with him. It seemed like I was being a complete asshole in taking TS’s father away because I hadn’t given him options or chances again. Then there was the practical side to the whole mess: I’m fucking unemployed. How the hell am I supposed to live on my pittance without TH’s aid? It would be a long while before child support rolled around for reasons I’m not getting into (never mind the fact that the court system takes for-fucking-ever). BFMA offered to move in and help me out, but this didn’t seem right. It seemed like I was jettisoning one not-so-great partner for someone else, even though it’s, you know, BFMA. And then there’s the main reason: I love TH. I really and honestly do.

But, when I pointed this out to both OF and BFMA, I was informed that I’m “in love with TH’s potential to grow” but not actually in love with him. This led to discussions about how I probably wasn’t attracted to TH and that’s why we never have sex. This led to more discussions about things that I wasn’t (A) comfortable talking about with anyone (even if one of those people just so happened to be a bestie) and (B) made me vastly upset on a scale that I don’t think I’ve ever actually been at before. I was so depressed and upset by the discussions the three of us were having that I pretty much just reverted into myself. It was around this time that I stopped really wanting to do much of anything, either online or in real life.

It felt to me that both BFMA and OF were using tactics to get what they wanted from me. I’m not sure if that’s really the case, but that’s how it felt to me. They were telling me to do something big and huge that I wasn’t very certain about. I stopped putting myself into situations where the three of us would talk about it. In effect, I stopped going online or I would be online in small doses so that they couldn’t catch me in chat. I was so depressed at the prospect of losing TH and of breaking up my family that I just hated to do anything that would bring the conversation up again.

What really made me feel the worst was a moment when I felt like OF was orchestrating events to get things to work out the way she wanted.

The first bit was one of the last conversations between BFMA, OF, and I via G-chat. I was already feeling low and depressed, but I couldn’t get out of the conversation the three of us were having. Without my knowing it, BFMA and OF were discussing via a separate chat window about something or other. Finally, OF said that BFMA had something big and important to tell me, but she was busy having a panic attack over whatever the hell it was. I was worried for any manner of reasoning because there’s no telling what could be going on in BFMA’s head. She’s bi-polar and there’s lot of reasons for her to be having panic attacks, both in her head and in reality. I was wondering if I should go over there to make sure that she was okay when OF said that TH had been hitting on BFMA in various ways, especially during our no-sex phases. I pretty much just stopped at that moment.

Now, I’ve given this a lot of thought. And by “a lot of thought,” I mean that I’ve obsessed over it a lot. I’ve looked at it from a rational stand-point, as well as a paranoid stand-point. In all cases, I can’t help but wonder if it’s true. I don’t see why BFMA would lie about it, though, because she’s supposed to be my best friend. Why would a best friend lie about something of this caliber? And I’ve come to think that maybe she hasn’t lied about it, per se, but it’s her perception of things said. I’m not saying that she’s a liar or that she’s said this to hurt me or that it didn’t happen, but that I’m not entirely positive that what she said to have happened is the reality of the situation. The examples that OF listed off as his having said seem unlikely, though I’m not ruling it out. It’s possible that I’m just blinded by past paranoia. And it’s actually that past paranoia that I keep coming up against, like a brick wall.

When BFMA and I first started really hanging out with TH, he admitted to me that he was attracted to BFMA. She’s an attractive woman so that stands to reason. That admission, however, brought about unresolved issues with BFTX and made Photobucket it more apparent that those issues were affecting me in my relationship with BFMA. (What are those issues? I actually have a post started about said issues, so I’m not going to get into it. Suffice it to say that I have extreme jealousy issues with both best friends, compounded by an inferiority complex in relation to them both.) Those issues have always been there between BFMA and I but I never gave them much credence as I’ve done with BFTX. They were personal and something unresolved that I felt didn’t bring much bearing or merit to the friendships in question. So, it was really just a matter of, “Oh, hey. You feel this way. That’s interesting, huh?” And that was that.

Anyway… rambling again.

The reason I keep hitting this paranoia is that it’s ruined relationships for me before, without the addition of someone saying something like, “Oh. Your guy has so been hitting on your best friend behind your back.” That’s just icing on the fucked up cake, in all honesty. However, I’ve made it clear to BFMA that I had issues way back in the day between her and TH. They were my issues and they weren’t going to affect things negatively, but they were around. In the paranoia-verse, I can’t help but think that OF learned about this from one of her conversations with BFMA and began orchestrating things without BFMA realizing it. If she’s reading this, then she’s just shaking her head with tears in her eyes that I don’t believe her. However, it’s actually really easy to use and take advantage of BFMA without her realizing it. She’s incredibly gullible. I don’t know if this is because she has a big heart and is always looking for the best in people or just because it’s the image she was created in. All I do know is that she’s admitted as much time and time again.

Isn’t it possible that OF heard something that she felt she could manipulate to get me to see her point-of-view?

And I HATE that this was even able to get into my head. I HATE that I felt this way at any point. OF was supposed to be my friend and she was supposed to care about me. But the fact that I could possibly think this says something in and of itself, now doesn’t it? You don’t suspect wrong-doing of someone unless you feel that there is a basis for said wrong-doing. It wasn’t until after TSO cheated on me the first time that I began to pay credence to the rumors that he fucked around behind my back all the time. I don’t know how or why I thought OF could be this manipulative, but it was the first thoughts that came to mind after the conversation where I was informed that TH had been “creeping” on BFMA behind my back.

The last straw, I think, was OF trying to get me to break up with him via religious reasons.

Let me just say this first. I don’t get into my spiritual or religious background on this blog for a reason. I think this is actually the first post that I’ve even made reference to it. The reason I keep my religious life separate from this blog is because I know I have a few people who wouldn’t understand or don’t want to understand it. BFTX is Christian, after all, and I know that she reads this journal now and again. With that being said, it’s out of respect for her (more so than anyone or anything else, honestly) that I keep my spiritual practices in quiet mode via this blog. Not to mention, I do have a blog that’s entirely focused on said spiritual and religious practices. It seems silly to co-mingle. So, there’s that.

However, the last straw (as I said) was when OF tried to explain to me that TH is very negative towards my belief system and that he is not very supportive. “You deserve someone who will support you in your religious practices,” I believe is what she said. She raises a valid point. A lot of relationships have high contentions when it comes to differing religious practices. When I was with MEH, it just about broke us up when I explained to him that I wanted to explore a pagan religious practice. Since he was “devoutly” (said loosely, since as I’ve explained he was trying very much to bring Taoism into his practice) Christian, what I was doing was tantamount to witchcraft and idolatry, both of which meant that I was cavorting with the devil… or something. As I’ve said, on numerous occasions he would have a full-blown hissy fit when I would pull out my Tarot cards and he hid them on me/threw them out on me on quite a few occasions before I laid the smack down about that.

TH, however, is far more tolerant than that when it comes to Photobucket my religious practices. He doesn’t snicker when I talk about gods. He doesn’t roll his eyes when I pull out my Tarot cards. He doesn’t take part in anything that I do, but he doesn’t make me feel like I’m two-inches tall because I have a belief system that he doesn’t understand/adhere to. I think that’s pretty big, all things considered, since I know that most people with significant others that don’t practice the same religion have a lot of issues when it comes to religious belief, practices, and backgrounds. The thing that OF was pointing out as TH not being supportive is that he considers himself a “devil’s advocate” and will do what he can to elicit disbelief in others’ viewpoints just based on the merit that no one knows who is or isn’t right. I actually find this an admirable trait since most people can’t possibly see things so widely that they can take the view of a dedicated Christian to try to see how strong your beliefs are, before taking the viewpoint of a dedicated pagan and doing likewise with a Christian.

Call me crazy, I suppose.

I didn’t want to hear it anymore at this point. I just was finished with the whole thing, but it’s like I couldn’t bring myself to say, “SHUT THE FUCK UP.” I wanted to wash my hands of it. However, I’m not sure if this is OF by nature, but she does tend to push when she thinks she’s right. This is a trait that I tend to have, although, I have learned when to pull myself back and when to shut up [mostly]. Instead of pulling away and just leaving the situation to work out as it is, she pushes and pushes.

In fact, OF pushed so hard as to tell me that my spirits were telling her that I needed to break up with him because of his disrespect. This, I felt, was an abuse of power. It seemed petty and cruel that she would bring up my religious practice in the first place, but that she would continue with it made it that much worse. The true and final point to all of this was when she told me that if I wanted the pagan lifestyle that I had admitted to her that I wanted, then I would have to jettison TH because he would always hold me back. I was told that not only would I never be able to achieve the status I want in my pagan life, but that I had to choose between a magical life or a mundane one: the two, she assured, me were not mutually exclusive*. She also was quick to assure me that I would find a man in my life who did support me magically shortly after I broke up with TH. This is when I stopped allowing the conversations to happen.

(* I have to stop and say something about this. It’ll be brief because I feel that this is a conversation better left to my religious blog, but I have to say that if the two are not mutually exclusive, I know a great many pagans who are putting up a good showing of it.)

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the last bit of her “assurances” the most. I don’t doubt that she sees the future, but I do doubt the validity of the statement she made. The thing is that I believe that when it comes to Tarot and visions and candle readings and what have you, we’re only given the perception of a specific version of the future. The reason we are able to see said vision is because we are being given the opportunity to change said vision. It is within anyone and everyone’s power to change things. However, it is also possible to predict said futures were a personal spin put into place. (This, above all else, is why I do not like to know what questions my customers are asking when they want a Tarot reading or why I want as few details as possible.) So, if someone were to see me breaking up with TH and then some faceless man coming into my life who would support me in my religious practices, then they could interpret it as simply that. However, my thoughts were, isn’t it possible that it isn’t us breaking up but that I finally talk to him, realistically and honestly, about what I want from my religion that makes him become supportive of it?

This was an underlying current in the “blow up” that happened between OF and I. It wasn’t the main catalyst, but it was a major portion to why I felt severing ties was best done as opposed to trying to keep things afloat. I felt that it was possible that she was manipulating me, my life, and my future for whatever reason. To think so negatively of a person means, to me, that it’s best to go separate ways. I also know that no matter how many times I would (in future) try to advise her to either stay out of my relationship with TH or in my attempts to advise her to keep her spoons to herself would only end in future blow ups between us. And of course, I can’t help but feel that she was doing all of this for some reason that I can’t possible see. All I know is that I can’t attach myself to someone who I see so badly and that it isn’t fair to anyone in my family to do so.

So, as can plainly be seen, I am still with TH. And I don’t talk to OF anymore. It’s still rather up in the air as to whether my relationship with BFMA is fine or not. At this point, considering everything that I’ve listed here… I think I made the right choice(s).

I miss BFMA but I think it’s best if we take a long break and Photobucket come back to things later on. This leaves me very vulnerable and very lonely because she was literally my only friend in this area. I have acquaintances that I text or speak to, but she was the only one who could get me out of the house and away from TH/TS for any length of time. She also had a knack for making me laugh. And there’s always the possibility of Turkey Hill Birthday Cake ice cream coupled with Tostitos; dumb romance movies that need to be made fun of; a thousand personal jokes… But there are other issues in our fractured relationship than just a choosing of sides in a blow up between two friends, jealousy/inferiority, and a mash of other things. One day, I’ll talk about it. But not today.

6 thoughts on “There Is Beauty All Around When There’s Love At Home.

  1. Wow…just wow.

    I knew something was going on, I just had no idea to what depths OF’s manipulations had sunk. I believe you are right; she was definitely manipulating you.

    Its hard, damn hard, when you have a friend in a romantic relationship and they’re having troubles. The easy way out, is of course, to encourage them to leave. Its what everyone’s doing these days, isn’t it? “He’s an ass, leave him.” “You deserve better than him,” “How could he do that to you?” Really…especially from *single* friends or from friends in relationships that aren’t right…that’s about all you’ll ever hear. And once they’ve gotten this idea in their head, no matter what you say, the will not believe that everything’s good between you & your love. It just can’t be. There’s almost never encouragement to work things out, communicate, work through the troubles instead of causing more or throwing the proverbial baby out with the bathwater.

    I’m glad you were strong, and got away from OF. I’m glad I got away from OF, but it sounds like there was some damage to your RL, and I was very lucky to get away without any of that. Any that I know of, anyway.

    And now I know why you were never on chat. After I go and get an account…and OF was the only one ever there! You left me alone with her!!! <–kidding…kidding! At any rate, I deleted that account. She was the only one I was using it with, so I figure it was pretty pointless to keep it.


    • I honestly wonder *why* she was trying to manipulate me this much. I don’t know if it was an act of power for her or if it was something else. All I do know is that if anyone is going to manipulate me, it had better be my kid with his puppy dog face!

      I know that I’m guilty of the ‘just leave’ advice. And in some cases, it was warranted. In others, it was near-sightedness or jealousy of the partner that behooved me to that conclusion. As I explore the ups and downs of my relationship, coupled with watching others’ ups and downs, I’ve come to realize that fixing is more important than jettisoning. And besides, I have a child to consider in all of this. His well-being is top of the list. If the problem is fixable, I owe it to him.

      I am upset that I allowed this to become involved in my personal life. I’m sorry that I introduced BFMA to her, honestly. Considering the advice OF had been giving me in regards to BFMA prior to their meeting… It just blows all around.

      I’d delete my Gmail but I created it before all of this. I can only hope that a contact cleaning suffices!

  2. I’m not sure. I know we first bumpted heads because I accused her of being a guru…and I still get that vibe off of her. In some way, I think she believed you were “hers.” For what reason, I am not sure. It might just be the way she is. She doesn’t do well at all with people who disagree with her.

    I’m awfully glad I didn’t really bring her into my real life. That’s one of the reasons I deleted the Gmail addy…I discovered it was linked to a Google+ account that had my real identity attached to it…an identity I didn’t want her to have access to. So I deleted both. You should be fine just cleaning yours up…altho I wouldn’t be surprised if OF or OF’s Husband show up in some sort of alter-ego account. They seem the type.

    Sometimes the “just leave” advice is sound. I’ve told people to “rip off the bandage” when they were in “relationships” but they weren’t really “in” the relationship. Its not fair to the other person to just drag them along, y’know? But that’s when there isn’t love on one side…gotta rip off the bandage, get out, and let the other person get over it. After all, if they’re with the wrong person, they’re not able to find the right one either, y’know?

    But when we’re talking about a committed relationship…its different. I told my Hubby there’s only 3 ways I’d let him out of our marriage: 1. Cheating, 2. Abuse and 3. Death. And that’s pretty much the rule of thumb I use with my friends, as well.

    I’m sorry this got into your RL and that BFMA got dragged into it, as well…although well, you really need to find some RL friends you can trust! I’d be more than a little weary, myself…

    • You know, it’s funny. When the two of you first got into it, I could totally see both sides of view in the spat. I didn’t want to say anything at the time because I figured I was just imagining things (this being the Internet and all) but it felt like her comments were all about how I was “hers” and how she was right. She had a very… looking-down feel to her comments. The same when she snarked in the other comment that started the mega-explosions between everybody! It’s like she has this feeling that she is right because it works for her and therefore, we should all follow suit. And if we don’t, then we’re all evil.

      And the guru thing… It’s so weird that you say that. She was ALWAYS telling me that she wasn’t a teacher, didn’t know how to teach, and then she’d toss out little gems now and again. If she wasn’t a teacher and didn’t know how to be a mambo, then why was she doing the work behind one?

      • I’m glad I wasn’t the only one to see that. Thank you! I *tried* to step back and look at this as objectively as I could. In the email immediately after that first encounter, I even admitted I’ve had trouble with “authority figures” in the past, and maybe I’d overreacted? But the truth of it is, I’ve always had that feel about her…to the point that I almost didn’t want to comment on your blogs at all because she’d somehow claimed you.

        Then you say (and I saw her say it as well) that she “didn’t want to be a guru” and she told me more than once on Gchat she had no interest at all in helping anyone else. Made me think of the whole Shakespeare line about protesting a bit too much…!

        And its very disturbing to see just what kind of information she is spreading around without any real basis to it at all. Granted, I’m not educated in any way myself, but I have my source to fall back on and I *know* she knows her stuff…and I know where she’s gotten all her information & everything she’s done to get where she is now. And she *used* her position of trust *as a teacher* to attempt to manipulate you into doing things…

        GRRRRrrrrrrrrrrr. That’s about all I can say now!

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