Magical Moments.

Recently, I read a blog entry (somewhere, at some point) about how we should all stop.and taking a minute or twelve to “just be.” In effect, it’s a minor time out from everything just to focus on your connection with the world. In similar vein, I read one about taking a time out to list the magical moments in your life. And no matter how mundane, the moment (for you) is magical.

So. Here’s a list of mine.

1. When TS asked for real food (pasta) as opposed to junk this morning.
2. The absolute, unalderated joy on the brown huskey’s face as he enjoyed the sights, the smells, and the car ride.
3. When the Ninja-Cop did not pull me over when I was definitely speeding.
4. The solitude of working in a cemetery, uninterrupted for a whole hour.
5. The moment the jewelry counter clerk opened up her register at Wal-Mart, making my quick stop truly quick.
6. The joy on TS’s face when I gave him M&Ms.
7. When TH said, “honey, go sit down; relax.”


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