Ridiculous Doesn’t Even Begin to Describe…

Today, I received a phone call from my lawyer.

Prior to this, we had finished our work together. A lawsuit is all well and good, however, there wasn’t much case for one. Not only that, but it was hard enough to contend with the bullshit of unemployment, hearings, and all that crap in relation to unemployment. By the time I finally heard a [positive] response from the adjudicator, I was living on nerves. I can’t imagine how much worse it would be if I were in the middle of a lawsuit.


So, the lawyer calls me to inform me of a good new/bad news situation. He said that when he had decided to call me, he only had the bad news to deliver. Between his receiving of said bad news and his call to me, some good news came on down the lane.

Firstly, it would appear that Greed, Inc appealed my unemployment claim. My lawyer nor I were informed of this, actually. I think it’s pretty fucking rude that you want to shit all over someone’s life and don’t even bother sending them a damn note or something. If not to the person you’re shitting on, then at least to their appointed counsel. So, anyway, the step after the initial appeals process is the bringing of the case before a review board.

Lastly, apparently the review board denied their request. Ha, ha!

You know, I mentioned repeatedly that if anyone was going to have their case appealed, it would be me. And of course, that is exactly what the fuck happened. Yet again, I can’t help but feel singled out for some malevolent purpose here. And what really gets me is that I don’t know why they’re fucking doing this.

The next step, if they appeal this decision, it goes before a court.


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